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5 Hour Energy - BERRY - 12 Bottles
[12 Bottles ( 1 box )]

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$35.88  $19.50
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Well, not really a bottle, more of a little vile. Very colorful little bottle, with some guy running through the mountains like he's being chased by a Yeti. They boldly claim 5 hours of energy now, no crash, sugar free, and 0 carbs. Yes, but will it make me sweat, compulsively count things, and tell you three times about the catastrophe of losing my chapstick through the hole in my pants pocket?

The bottle suggest you "Drink the entire bottle" (all 2oz.? Are you sure...all at once?), "for fast acting long lasting performance. For best results, take on a empty stomach." (Hold the phone, "take"? you mean like "use"? I'm not a "user" man, I can quit whenever I want).

Active Ingredients *Per can, not per serving:
Taurine, Caffeine mainly, but 8333% of your daily allowance of B12, 1600% of B6 as well. "Chaser 5-hour Energy is a powerful blend of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids designed to help you get going fast, and keep you going for up to five hours."

Angie's Review: Reviews posted after May 2007 are written by a guest reviewer referred to from this point forward as "The Stig".
If there was a Sandlewood flavored shot, this would be it. It was very hard for me to enjoy, although the flavor in a 2oz. energy shot shouldn't be a big deal. Next to the 'shake well', it should say "hold nose while drinking'. Maybe it was more like patchouli oil flavor. Regardless the flavor was total ka-ka. There was a slight berry aftertaste, but I didn't taste that until 5 minutes later.

Having said that, I would give this a 12 on energy rating if it were possible. The high energy level made all the other energy drinks look like a regular cola. It was very fast acting, I immediately felt anxious, and couldn't hold still. After 15 minutes I suddenly became very aware of my hands. They were hot and tingled like pins pricking them. Soon they became red and blotchy, and I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of wrinkles on them... I also noticed that the customer service people at Sprint suck, because they are sooo slow, and that the guy seemed to be pressing the same two buttons over and over again. Maybe that's just what the good people at Sprint teach them to do. That would explain a lot.....

Chaser had the highest energy I've ever experienced from anything offered over the counter. The $2.99 price tag is a bit much for this, but bravo for someone making something this strong. I suppose if you're about to drive for 9 hours to Delaware with your sick boyfriend and want to limit the number of potty stops, this would be a great energy shot. I actually had to eat something to calm down a little after drinking this because the feeling was a bit uncomfortable. Ladies.. or light weights, I suggest you try half the serving to begin. Though this might've been one of the worst tasting things I've ever tasted, ever, and I think it's overpriced, it will still receive a high overall score because I was so impressed with the high energy level.

-by ( screamingenergy.com)
Date Added: 04/21/2009 by samar jain
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